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Refined to the extreme, backto-basics design: 

  • - Neat, simple rules.
  • - The (now iconic) marble is light and graceful.

Japanese esthetic of “Wabi-sabi” adapted to the nature of the game, reminiscent of:

  • - calligraphy; elegance; timelessness; tradition
  • - the principle of a Chinese or Japanese abacus, counterbalance system; moving marbles
  • - larger marbles – 25mm vs. 22mm
  • - new board that enhances contact/noise when marbles are pushed.

This beautiful and functional board has room for two teams of large marbles. Players take turns pushing the marbles around the board, with the goal of pushing six of the opposing player's marbles off the board. The central idea is that a column of marbles has weight given by the number of marbles in line. Someone will need to push with a heavier group of marbles in order to push the column along that axis. However, with six possible directions, it's difficult to defend yourself perfectly.

An aparitie 1987
Numar maxim de jucatori 2
Numar minim de jucatori 2
Timp de joc 30
Varsta 7

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