Miniature Wargame

Miniature Wargame
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Wrack White 15 - 30 Zile
XV104 RIPTIDE BATTLESUIT Cere notificare


Contine 108 componente si 1 Tau transfer sheet pentru a asambla XV104 Riptide Battlesuit si 2 Shiel..

300,00 RON Fără TVA: 300,00 RON

XV25 Stealth Battlesuits Cere notificare

XV25 Stealth Battlesuits

Equipped with the latest XV25 Stealth Armour these troops are the 'lone wolves' of the Tau army, ope..

89,00 RON Fără TVA: 89,00 RON

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team -20%

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team

An iconic rendering of Tau technological progress and ingenuity, the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is a thin..

250,00 RON 199,00 RON Fără TVA: 199,00 RON

XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit

A huge, deadly and nigh-undetectable weapon of impressive killing capacity, the XV95 Ghostkeel Battl..

249,00 RON Fără TVA: 249,00 RON